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Based on resolver's experience to date, it should be easy to either add contents insurance to a home insurance policy or to extend the scope of the contents insurance of a home insurance policy.

To add contents insurance to a home insurance policy you should simply contact your home insurer in the usual way. Almost all home insurers also offer contents insurance, and should be happy to extend your cover to include contents insurance. This will increase your premiums, but it may still be cheaper to purchase both contents insurance and home insurance from the same supplier.

You can easily extend the scope of your contents insurance for your quotation by contacting your insurer in your usual way or by resolver. You can often extend your policy to provide additional cover - for an extra premium. The most common extensions include:
  • Accidental damage cover, so you would be insured if, for example, you accidentally knocked over a valuable ornament while you were doing the dusting.
  • Accidental loss or damage cover for personal possessions that you take out of the home, such as jewellery, cameras and mobile phones.
There is normally a limit on the value of any one item. So, if your camera is stolen, the policy might pay out only £500, even if it is worth £1000. You might also have to specify the items that you want to cover in this section. If you have a query about adding contents to your policy, resolver recommends that you submit your concern in writing, and resolver can assist you in submitting, recording and reminding you when and who to escalate to.

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