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Monday Media Round-Up – Banned businesses

12/03/2019 Knowing your brand is important in business. But what happens when your brand is banned? That’s what happened to 87 businesses last year when Companies House said their names were too rude.

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Footpaths, foliage and fly-tipping

28/02/2019 What’s the most annoying thing in your local neighbourhood? Is it the potholes in the road? People who don’t clean up after their dogs or drop litter? Or that noisy neighbour from hell?

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The power of plastic

28/02/2019 At this time of year I’m often asked for tips about paying off a credit card. In fact, you might wonder if it’s ever worth getting one in the first place. Well the simple answer is yes – if you’re disciplined about how you use it (and pay it off).

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Monday Media Round-Up – Trying times

25/02/2019 In these trying times, a glance at the news can make it seem like we’re being driven further and further apart. But there was a time when society was all about togetherness. And that time was the seventies.

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Fortnite refunds, digital downloads and CD keys – are you being treated fairly?

31/01/2019 We’re increasingly dealing with a lot of complaints about video games – and it’s tricky to give advice because the video game market has developed faster than legislation can keep up! We think there are huge problems in this area – and we’d like to see something done to tidy things up.

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Lloyds transfer system outage – your rights

18/01/2019 Hit by today's banking slowdown? Here's a quick guide to your rights and what to do next.

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Monday Media Round-Up – Banking highs and airplane lows

14/01/2018 We’re in the wastelands of January, where Britain collectively holds out for the next paycheck, the new year’s resolutions start to waiver and grey skies get us down. Why, even our good old British robins are deserting us for China, to the amusement of Chinese Brexit birdwatchers.

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Avoid the borrowing traps!

10/01/2019 You could be borrowing money without even realising it! Avoid the borrowing traps with this simple guide.

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Claim back your cash!

09/01/2018 If you’re worrying that you might have – ahem – accidentally overspent this Christmas, don’t panic. There are a ton of tips and hints on things you can do if you need to save some cash or manage your finances in the new year.

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Ringing in the New Year with your rights round-up

07/01/2019 Welcome to our first news review of the year!

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