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Fairer Finance Blog on Resolver

Read the Fairer Finance blog on Resolver

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British Gas Complaints reduce

British Gas is the largest provider of energy to residential customers in the UK has reported the mild winter means the average bill has reduced by £90 over the previous winter.

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Package holiday pains

You may be reading this while working on your tan on a sunny beach, on the way to the airport wondering if you turned the oven off or on the way home from hopefully a fantastic break! What happens if the holiday does not turn out as expected.

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Rip off phone numbers - beware

Resolver is on a campaign, don't get ripped out when trying to phone your services, ensure you are not using rip off phone call websites. We have listed a few that we have found to ensure you do not use these.

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Channel 4's Dispatches focuses on nuisance calls

Channel 4's investigative documentary series <a href="" title=""><strong>Dispatches</strong> </a> has gone undercover to find out exactly why direct marketing-style nuisance calls from charities are such big business - and how you can stop them.

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Government Services Complaints

resolver has today added 3 more Government services to Resolver, so you can now raise issues against the Passport Agency, HM Border Force and DVLA.

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Resolver at TechHub

Resolver presented at Tech Hub on Tuesday night, with a 3 minute demo and a 3 minute question and answer. Over 70% of attendees voted Resolver as the best company and product - thanks Tech Hub

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Concerts and what happens if you don’t like the music

What happens if you go to a gig/musical/event and it is not what you expected or the event is cancelled or amended, find out your rights with this weeks blog

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eSAP Action Plan

resolver is joining the WRAP eSAP Programme to help consumers work out what to do with electronic goods when something goes wrong.

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Planes, trains & ferries your rights explained

It’s that time of year when we pack our bags and get away, from a few days visiting friends to jetting of to the sun. Along with moving house, the process of getting to and from your holiday destination can be extremely stressful so what are your rights if there is a problem?

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