Resolver's Customer Service Excellence Leaderboard

Companies with the best service - according to their own customers

Updated daily, our Customer Service Excellence Leaderboard helps you choose a provider that you can be sure will provide top service even when things go wrong. Use the filter to see the highest Resolver Scores in each sector.

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    What is Resolver's Customer Service Excellence Leaderboard and how do I use it?

    Resolver’s Customer Service Leaderboard has been designed to highlight the companies that are currently performing excellent service in terms of how their complaints are being handled. This is judged by feedback from our users - the customers of those companies. We analyse this feedback to rank companies.

    Use the filter on the Leaderboard to see by sector which companies are performing the best for their customer service if you are wondering who to choose or you are looking to switch provider.

    What companies are covered by the Leaderboard?

    The Leaderboard currently covers companies operating in the shopping, banking, telecoms and energy sectors. Resolver will be adding new sectors to the leaderboard continuously over the coming months.

    What is the Resolver Score and how is it calculated?

    We rank companies across seven customer service metrics (customer satisfaction, consumer advocacy, ease, response time, response rate, resolution rate and the change in feeling) and sum the ranks to produce an overall score.

    Why can’t I see a company in the Resolver Customer Service Leaderboard that I know is excellent for customer service?

    To enter the Resolver Customer Service Excellence Leaderboard, a company must:

    • have a minimum Resolver Score of 70%
    • have a minimum of 30 feedbacks in the past 12 months for us to analyse results.

    What if a company was on the Resolver Customer Service Excellence Leaderboard but has disappeared?

    This could be for one of two reasons:

    • The company’s Resolver Score has fallen, or others have improved
    • The company no longer has the required minimum number of user feedbacks for us to analyse.

    I work for a company on the leaderboard, how do I find out more about Resolver’s data?

    If you would like to know more about Resolver's complaint data, how it can help your company and your company's potential to become a Resolver Recognised provider please contact and we would be delighted to give you further information.

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