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Dear Love Productions,

I hope you don't think I am whipping up a fuss for the sake of it but I was so browned off when I heard you were taking The Great British Bake Off to Channel 4.

I understand it is probably too late now to reverse this decision - the oven timer has gone off - but I hope you will at yeast pay attention to the rising temperature of viewers.

I also have a long roll-call of worries so I thought I would throw them into the mix to make myself feel batter.
In my opinion, this is the worst TV outcome since the soggy bottom.

Social media is awash with rumours. But it does seem a half-baked idea, with not enough preparation time and no real thought to the final presentation.

Please don't tell me this is just the way the cookie crumbles and it is what happens in TV. Your decision really does take the biscuit.
You cannot have your cake and eat it. This move could be a showstopper for me and many millions of viewers like me. I fear it is a recipe for disaster.

As loyal fans, we must not be left with a bad taste in our mouths. We knead the quality of GBBO to keep rising like a tasty Yorkshire pudding not fall as flat as a drop scone.

Please French stick with the tried-and-tested formula of tricky challenges and cheeky innuendo; our tastebuds will always salivate for this like they would for oozing butter spread over hot baps.

I appreciate you may not have the time to start filling me in with a response, but I hope you will take on bread board my concerns.

I doughnut know whether I will tune in again to GBBO but I am willing to put my feelings on icing until the new series is served up.

Yours bakingly,

A GBBO fan

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