Book Review - The Complaining Cow

(31/10/2014) Complaints blogger publishes new complaints advice book

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At Resolver, we would of course suggest that all you need to raise a complaint is access to and something to type with. When you raise an issue via us, we also offer plenty of advice for any particular issue you might wish to resolve.

But there’s always more to be learned about the world of complaints and customer service, so if you want to delve just that little bit deeper, there’s a new book that might be just the ticket.

Written by Helen Dewdney, a blogger who goes by the name of The Complaining Cow, it’s called ‘How to Complain: The Essential Consumer Guide to Getting Refunds, Redress and Results’. It’s a mighty useful read, especially if you have a knotty customer service issue that you’re at your wit’s end about.

Dewdney covers off most situations in which you might want to complain, offers a good summary of your rights, and has, in general come up with an up to date, extensive and well written companion for consumers keen to get their issues resolved.

If you had to keep one book with you so that you know what to do if something goes wrong, it would be this one - The Complaining Cow has gathered all the consumer information that you need into a single book. It is the book that saves a thousand searches, as all the answers are in one place.

You can read more of Helen’s words at her blog, The Complaining Cow

You can buy her book here

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