Customer service will be king, promises water and energy sector

Utility Week’s Water and Energy conferences 2015 look forward to a year where customers become the focus for water and energy suppliers

Uw Ecc 2015 (1)

Could energy and water companies be set to become the consumer’s best friends? That’s what the delegates at twin conferences for the water and energy industries hope will happen this year

Utility services don’t have the best of reputations – in fact the Institute of Customer Service’s UK Customer Satisfaction Index puts them right at the bottom of the table – but the industry is keen to change.

As a result, leading industry magazine Utility Week’s third annual conferences on the energy and water sectors will focus on how to make customer service the centre of their universe.

Water customer conference – 21 January

There are big changes to the industry’s Service Incentive Mechanism this year. This is the system by which regulator Ofwat ensures the best possible service for customers, and from 2015 onwards there are major changes aimed at making customers the focus of water supply companies’ efforts, as well as lowering bills.

Energy customer conference – 22 January

This year, the energy industry is under massive regulatory pressure to improve its customer service while at the same time introducing to smart meter systems.

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