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And we want to share with you the stories of satisfied customers with resolved complaints.

We’ve found the experience of @rhodeatlas on the forum for mobile phone network giffgaff:

rhodeatlas had trouble getting their Three Paygo sims to work on a trip to Australia. This is part of Three’s ‘Feel at Home’ service, but rhodeatlas was unable to connect the sims to the Vodafone Australia network (Three’s partner for Feel at Home) and had to buy a Telstra sim instead.

Using Resolver, rhodeatlas managed to get a £50 refund from Three - despite only expecting a mere £15 compensation!

Meanwhile, rhodeatlas also tells us of a friend who used Resolver to get unauthorised charges on her phone bill refunded.

Of course, Resolver can help you get a quick, simple and satisfying resolution to your complaint for thousands of companies in many sectors, all free of charge. But if you have a telecoms-related complaint, you can start your Resolver process here.

Read rhodeatlas’ original story on the giffgaff forum here

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