Resolver launches new PPI guide


16/06/17 Resolver has helped thousands of people to reclaim PPI for free

No fees, no taking a cut, nothing. And to make things even easier, we now have a brand new comprehensive guide to help reclaim PPI! 

It’s a handy guide for:

  • Understanding what PPI is
  • Finding out if you were mis-sold PPI
  • Walking you through our easy process of claiming PPI

PPI compensation is big money. Estimates suggest upwards of 45 million policies were sold, but no one really knows for sure. Many people were never told that PPI had been added to their loans or credit cards, which is why so many people potentially don’t know if they were affected.

Banks are currently paying out around £8 million a day in PPI compensation

The respected BBC financial journalist Paul Lewis recently wrote about PPI in an article for the Radio Times. He estimates that the banks are currently paying out around £8 million a day in PPI compensation, that’s about £27 billion since 2011, with an average pay-out of around £3,000.

In his article, Paul advised the public use Resolver to raise their claims. Thanks for the plug Paul! (LINK) He also offers some essential advice in his article; “Don’t be tempted to use a claims management company.” We couldn’t agree more.

We’re so happy that word of Resolver is spreading. Since we launched our PPI complaints tool a few months back we’ve had an extraordinary 250,000 complaints made.

Our new guide is going to make life even easier for anyone trying to claim PPI compensation

Our new guide is going to make life even easier for anyone trying to claim PPI compensation. Feel free to forward the guide to your friends as well, it might help them to reclaim thousands of pounds! One of the biggest wins for a Resolver user was £18,826!

If you want a slice of that action, check out the new guide. And don't forget the deadline for reclaiming PPI is 29 Aug 2019. It might sound like that’s ages away, but it’ll be here before we know it.

Not following us on Facebook yet? Click here to get on board. Like we said before, our tool is totally free and best way to help us is by spreading the word about Resolver.

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