Scam Alert! – Complaining via Facebook


17/05/2018 Another day, another scam! This time, it's Facebook users who have to watch out.

If you've ever used social media to complain about a company, watch out! Scammers may be on the prowl.

Fraudsters have been watching bank and company social media accounts, waiting for people to post about a problem they've been having. When they do, the scammers pounce, sending an email claiming to be from the bank or company responding to the complaint.

The scammers then aim to trick the consumer into sending over sensitive personal information – or even credit card details.

Always be alert to the possibility that an email may not be from the person it claims to be sent by! Be particularly vigilant for spelling mistakes and other problems – and, if still in doubt, call the company in question (google a telephone number – scam emails may have fake numbers inside).

Resolver users can be reassured, however – it's safe to use Resolver to make your complaints.

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You can raise a complaint against Resolver via Resolver itself.

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