The end of PPI – and beating the claims manager vultures

02/03/17 The PPI complaint deadline – taking on the claims manager vultures

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Resolving complaints without paying a price

For over a decade, complaints about the mis-selling of payment protection insurance (PPI) have dominated the headlines. But despite an estimated 45 million policies sold and £25.5 billion paid in compensation, it’s likely that millions of people may still be unaware they have a valid complaint about a mis-sold PPI policy.
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has announced a deadline of 29 August 2019 for making PPI complaints that will draw a line under the biggest mis-selling scandal that the UK banking industry has ever seen. With the clock ticking, we expect a huge increase in the activity of claims managers, who have already cashed in on PPI, taking billions of pounds in fees from people’s compensation payments.

At Resolver – the free service that makes complaints quick and simple – we’re fed up with claims managers taking cash from customers for making cut and paste complaints. So we’ve created a completely free PPI complaint tool to help anyone who has had PPI find a quick, simple route to justice. Working alongside the leading banks and consumer groups, we created the PPI tool to help people make a complaint in their own words – and in a matter of minutes. And because Resolver is a completely free service, everyone who makes a successful complaint gets 100% of their compensation, with no fees or charges whatsoever.

Quotes: James Walker, founder of Resolver says:

At Resolver, we think it’s outrageous that claims managers prey on people with genuine compensation claims by suggesting paying them improves your chances of success. It doesn’t.

That’s why we’ve worked with the leading banks and consumer organisations to create an entirely free tool to simplify making a PPI complaint.

We know people are intimidated or put off making a complaint because they find the process too lengthy or complex. Using Resolver’s PPI tool only takes around five minutes, yet helps people make a unique complaint in their own words as simply as possible.
It’s easy to assume that everyone has heard about PPI by now. But the fact remains that many people – including some who were signed up despite not wanting or asking for PPI – may still have valid claims. And unlike claims managers, we don’t make false promises or guarantees of success. But we do ensure your voice will be heard.

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With Resolver you can send your case to all key ombudsmen including:

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Resolver promises

We will never share your personal data with anyone without your permission - your case will go to the firm you’re complaining about and, if appropriate, to an ombudsman.

If you find something wrong with a company or our processes, tell us and we will put it right.

You can raise a complaint against Resolver via Resolver itself.

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