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Tumble dryer risks and what you need to know

In a spin: Millions of Creda, Hotpoint and Indesit tumble dryers built in the past are facing recall over potential fire risk

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Parking ticket

Appealing your parking fine just got easier

(14/03/2016) A new online portal to help motorists appeal parking fines goes live on Monday March 14, an innovation that will drastically accelerate the appeals process

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Phone theft

Mobile phone theft – be very aware!

(11/3/2016) 2,000 mobile phones are stolen a day in the UK. And with a typical smart phone worth more than £400, that means hundreds of millions of pounds-worth of mobiles are stolen every year.

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Saving your savings

Customer services and the financial sector - are the banks getting better?

(02/03/16)A recent report has suggested the banking sector is one of the best for responding to complaints. Crazy but true...

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Hacks, service outages and your rights. What to do if a service goes down and you lose out.

(22/02/16)We live in an ever more connected world. Online and networked technology touches almost every corner of our lives, from internet banking, to online shopping, to gaming, to streaming on-demand television, music or video services.

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Home insurance

Home insurance: When can you claim and why might you be refused?

(12/02/16) Got a home insurance claim to make? We find out why you might be less likely to be covered than you think. And why you’re 21 times less likely to lose out with car insurance claims

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Credit card advice

Credit cards – what to do to prevent debt, missed payments and damage to your credit score…

(18/1/2016) January is often a time when our personal finances are tight. And it is then that you’ll be most tempted to let your credit card balance creep up

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Broadband 1

Resolver Talking TalkTalk

(14/1/2016) Resolver founder James Walker was invited to talk on BBC Radio 4’s daytime consumer show yesterday to discuss TalkTalk rising numbers of complaints about TalkTalk

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Dual fuel

Tis the season to go dual-fuel?

Christmas means winter, winter means heating, and heating means big fuel bills – so can you save yourself a load of dosh by doubling up?

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Common complaints

Five common customer complaints, and how companies should resolve them…

If you’ve got a complaint to make to a company, what’s it likely to be about? And what sort of response can you expect? We find out…

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