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Microwave food

The nightmare at the end of the fork

Take a deep breath everyone and put down those snacks. We're taking a look at some of the stranger and more disgusting things our Resolver users have found when tucking into a meal or snack. And it's not pretty! Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories.

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Restaurant complaints

Restaurants and takeaways - your rights

A good meal often comes down to the individual taste and preference of each diner. What works for some doesn't work for others as any restaurant review will tell you. And there's nothing wrong with preferring a full English or a Cordon Bleu experience. Regardless, you have minimum expectations and you want them to be met. But you can't have your cake and eat it, so to speak. If you've eaten the meal, you won't get far complaining that it wasn't what you wanted afterwards!

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Buying food your rights

Buying food - your rights

Shopping for food is such a part of life for us all that we sometimes don’t realise the rights we have with buying a packet of cereal are the same as they are when buying a pair of shoes.

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Ppi the%20final%20countdown

PPI - The final countdown

01/09/17 PPI mis-selling scandal is finally drawing to a close

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The science of shopping

24/08/17 The psychology behind your spending

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Istock 502814339

Do you have the energy?

24/08/17 Fight the cost of rising energy prices

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Parking problems solved

10/08/17 Are you obliged to pay that parking fine?

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Dead guilty

04/08/17 Dead guilty - how to ease the blow of funeral costs

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Virtual cash?

04/08/17 Virtual cash? Is the world without tangible money a better world?

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