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World Pothole Day? Use it to complain about the state of our roads

There’s one thing every winter brings to the UK’s roads – and that’s potholes. But website has launched what it’s calling World Pothole Day in an effort to make our roads smoother.

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Switching energy services – How to save yourself £200

(26/02/15) With the government’s newly launched ‘Power to Switch’ campaign encouraging people to change their energy supplier to save money, James Walker looks into the ins and outs of switching and saving

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Calling 0843 - The hidden costs of phone calls

(17/02/2015) Why you need to beware when googling for customer service contact numbers

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Energy complaints

Jasper Griegson, the official complainer was on Good Morning Britain this morning and recommended to use Resolver to raise and manage complaints against your energy company.

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Tip of the Week - if it gets serious, don't be afraid

12/01/14 Even if you are faced with the threat of legal action, don't be scared, says Resolver's pro complainer Jasper Griegson

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Winter warmers - Hot tips for a happy, heated home

07/01/15 How to keep your heating up and your bills down this winter

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