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Resolver recognised as key tool for the future of online dispute resolution

All-party law reform group JUSTICE points to Resolver as a key tool for an easy ‘dispute resolution pathway’

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High-street retailers and your rights

(05/05/2015) You don’t need to have watched Channel 4’s recent ‘Dispatches: The secrets of Sports Direct’ to know that retailers often go to extraordinary lengths to convince customers they’re getting a bargain.

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Mse resolver numbers

Surge in consumers using and getting issues solved

(4/5/2015) helps get consumer issues resolved with

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Istock parking

Private parking firms' court battle victory

(26/04/2015) Court of Appeal overrules challenge to £85 fine

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Martin article 2 proud to announce partnership with

(18/4/2015) We hope to revolutionise customer service in the UK thanks to new deal with consumer champions MSE and Martin Lewis

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Bin lorry richard webb

Council services and your money

(16/04/2015) Are you getting everything you’re owed from your local authority?

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Debt collector

Trouble with bailiffs? You and a quarter of all Brits...

(09/04/2015) With millions of Brits still struggling to control big debts in the aftermath of the credit boom and bust of the noughties,’s founder James Walker looks into your rights if the bailiffs come knocking

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DIY troubles… How to complain

(27/03/2015) This week we look at what you can do if something goes wrong with your DIY projects – when you can complain and when you can’t

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World Pothole Day? Use it to complain about the state of our roads

There’s one thing every winter brings to the UK’s roads – and that’s potholes. But website has launched what it’s calling World Pothole Day in an effort to make our roads smoother.

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Easter get-away troubles

(19/3/2015) Easter is fast approaching, and with it the first big national getaway of the year. Cue the slew of stories in the media about delays, jams and gridlock.

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