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Complaint 1

Make a complaint

If you've got a complaint to make about a company, service or organisation, using Resolver can make it simpler and quicker to sort out. Read on for our quick-fire guide to making a complaint via

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Builder man

Home improvement hell!

09/09/15 What goes wrong when you when you get the builders in for home improvements? What are your rights and how do you deal with these issues?

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Penny auction

Penny auctions… why they’re more like gambling than buying

(4/9/2015) Why you should be careful with pay-bid auction sites

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Credit checking

Credit monitoring services – Are you owed money?

(27/08/15) We’ve been handling a lot of issues relating to Experian’s credit monitoring product CreditExpert at recently, so we thought it might be worth explaining the issue, and what sort of claim you might be entitled to

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Papa johns

Free pizza? That's the Resolver way...

(21/08/2015) Proof that it's worth shouting up about bad service... especially if you like takeaways

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Council tax

Council Tax - can you get a discount?

15/08/15 This week we’ve been contacted by Paul, who has just bought a doer-upper home that’s going to be empty while he renovates it. He wants to know whether he’s going to be entitled to any discount...

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Landline phone

Hanging on the telephone!

(06/08/2015) How to get a new landline and what happens if it's not as easy as you'd hoped

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Hotel complaint

How to complain about a hotel

(26/7/2015) Whether you’re jetting off for a weekend break or a full-blown summer holiday, a good night’s sleep is key when staying away from home

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Jls car sales

How to complain about a secondhand car

(08/07/2015)After our homes, it is said that cars are the next most expensive thing that we own. What happens if you have a problem with the car you purchased?

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Trading stds

Trading Standards – when do you raise an issue and how can they help you?

(28/06/2015) People often get in contact with me asking what steps they can take when a retailer has failed to sort out their issue

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