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resolver in the media

resolver news article has started in another newspaper, the South Wales Evening Post

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Blog: how to sort housing association problems

(15/10/14) What are the rights and regulations for housing association and council house tenants who want to complain? We find out

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Tip of the Week - Give credit where it's due

(13/01/14) A good complainer is a humble complainer

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Universities - know your rights

With a new intake just starting at university, we take a look at how you can complain about a higher education institution

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Mobile operator Three fined over complaint handling

Mobile phone operator Three has been hit with a fine of a quarter of a million pounds by industry regulator Ofcom for failing to effectively deal with complaints.

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Tip of the Week - complaining is good for the soul

Jasper Griegson - the professional complainer

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Which is the best way to pay for something?

(1/10/14) There are plenty of ways to pay for goods and services, but which payment methods offer you the best protection? We reveal your rights.

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Tip of the Week - sweat the small stuff

(29/09/14) Always be careful of the small print when buying goods or services.

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Parking fines - why it pays to appeal

• In the City of London (Square Mile) for example, there were 60,256 parking tickets issued in 2012. Of these, just 1590 were appealed and only 19 were still made to pay. A staggering 99% of people who appealed were let off. So’s message is ‘it pays to appeal’!

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Voucher websites – know your rights

(24/09/14) At least six million consumers receive discount voucher emails every week in the UK, so there are lots of opportunities for us to buy discounted products or services.

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