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Tip of the Week: Prevent problems happening

(15/09/2014) Tip of the Week: prevention is better than the cure

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Observer 'how to complain' article recommends Resolver

(14/09/2014) The Observer Money Section has an article on how to complain and recommends you try using Resolver to help you complain. We couldn't agree more!

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Fighting private parking tickets – know your rights

Most people believe that these tickets are the same as those issued by councils for parking offences – and fear that if they don’t pay up, they’ll get a visit from the bailiffs. But this is not the case. These tickets are not fines – they’re invoices.

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Tip of the Week: Keep a copy

You will need this as a reminder to yourself of precisely what happened and when (especially if the facts are complicated) and as a record of the date on which you first registered your dissatisfaction in writing.

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German Court Airline Ruling

(04/08/2014) Today the German Courts have given a ruling on late planes and when a plane has landed. This has an impact on compensation across Europe for delayed flights.

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(03/09/2014) Based on a customer request we have added to Resolver today. If you have any issues with products, services or delivery from raise them simply in Resolver, the place to resolve your issues.

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Most appealed parking tickets

(03/09/2014) Do you know where you are most likely to get a parking ticket or what are your chances of appealing the ticket? We can reveal that if you live in London you are the most likely to get a parking ticket but also to appeal it. Find out the top parking ticket appeals in England and Wales, but, also how to contest your ticket.

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Kettner's added to Resolver

(02/09/2014) Based on a customer request we have added Kettner's restaurant to Resolver, so if you have any issues with your visit you can now raise the issue in Resolver.

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Paul Lewis tweets about Resolver

(31/08/2014) Today Paul Lewis from Radio 4 Moneybox tweeted about Resolver and recommended Resolver for helping to resolve issues with Scottish Power.

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Tip of the Week: Pen is mightier than the sword

(31/08/2014) Read our tip of the week of how to complain effectively and get results.

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