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Tip of the Week: Be un-British and make a fuss

Many people are frightened of complaining for fear of causing an unnecessary fuss. This is a very British attitude and it means that scores of consumers who have very genuine grievances never manage to air them.

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Npower 'worse than Ryanair' - energy company labelled worst for customer service

Power companies Npower and Scottish Power top list of 100 UK companies as worst for customer service. Budget Airline Ryanair comes in at third worst.

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Professional complainer tips hat to Resolver on TV

(17/09/2014) Complaints guru Jasper Griegson has today recommended Resolver on national morning news programme Good Morning Britain

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Bailiffs - know your rights

(17/09/2014) The fact that a bailiff can turn up at your door to demand payment can be extremely worrying. If this happens to you, it is important that you understand your rights in order to deal with the situation properly.

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Tip of the Week: Prevent problems happening

(15/09/2014) Tip of the Week: prevention is better than the cure

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Observer 'how to complain' article recommends Resolver

(14/09/2014) The Observer Money Section has an article on how to complain and recommends you try using Resolver to help you complain. We couldn't agree more!

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Fighting private parking tickets – know your rights

Most people believe that these tickets are the same as those issued by councils for parking offences – and fear that if they don’t pay up, they’ll get a visit from the bailiffs. But this is not the case. These tickets are not fines – they’re invoices.

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Tip of the Week: Keep a copy

You will need this as a reminder to yourself of precisely what happened and when (especially if the facts are complicated) and as a record of the date on which you first registered your dissatisfaction in writing.

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German Court Airline Ruling

(04/08/2014) Today the German Courts have given a ruling on late planes and when a plane has landed. This has an impact on compensation across Europe for delayed flights.

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(03/09/2014) Based on a customer request we have added to Resolver today. If you have any issues with products, services or delivery from raise them simply in Resolver, the place to resolve your issues.

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