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The world's most delayed flight – and other bizarre stories

04/01/2018 Dramatic scenes at Malaga airport this week as a frustrated passenger tried to escape his delayed plane through the window. This got us thinking about some of the more extreme delays we’d heard of – and how we can help you get compensation if you’re affected.

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Storms, flooding and insurance – Resolver explains

03/01/2018 As bad weather looms over Britain, you may be concerned about what happens if storms damage your property.

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Resolver's most popular rights guides!

23/12/2017 We'll be away from the 23rd to the 26th, but never fear – we've compiled our most popular rights guides for you when things go wrong.

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Gyms – no contract, no problem?

22/12/2017 Hitting the gym for your new year's resolution? There are a few things you need to know about your no-contract gym membership!

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Christmas tech – what to do if your gadget breaks.

15/12/2017 Gone are the days of poring through the Argos catalogue for Christmas gifts – nowadays, we’re all after the season’s hottest new tech. But what happens when your new gadget is so hot that it literally catches on fire?

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Motorbike theft

Motorcycle theft and your insurance

12/12/2017 It's every biker's worst nightmare – your prized motorcycle has been stolen! Will your insurance pay out? What can you do to protect your bike in future?

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Christmas tidings

Good Tidings

11/12/2017 It's easy to forget sometimes, but we brits are a generous bunch. But how can you share some Christmas spirit this year?

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Bitcoin – what do I do if mine is stolen?

7/12/2017 Big news for bitcoin again as the cryptocurrency’s value pushed through $16,000 – and $64 million was stolen from a major bitcoin marketplace by hackers.

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Christmas shopping returns

Resolver's Christmas Returns Calendar 2017/2018

27/11/2017 It's that time of year again! Sort out your unwanted presents with the Resolver Christmas Returns Calendar

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Dodging Christmas

27/11/2017 I bet you're already a bit sick of Christmas, right? Fancy a getaway instead?

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