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Are loyal customers are being "ripped off" by suppliers?

28/09/2018 The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has said that it will now investigate the accusation that loyal customers are being “ripped off” for mobile, broadband, savings, home insurance and mortgage deals.

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Scam Alert! – More fake HMRC emails.

25/09/2018 We’ve heard from our users that another scam is doing the rounds concerning HMRC tax refunds.

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Are we a nation of fraudsters? James Walker explains.

24/09/2018 Resolver's founder, James Walker, examines recent comments regarding PPI claims.

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A tax on the poor – lending needs a rethink

20/09/2018 Why we need to rethink lending for people in financial difficulties – by James Walker, Resolver founder.

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Media Round-Up – Your rights in this week's news

10/09/2018 The last few weeks have kept me super busy with Wonga, PPI and flight delays dominating the news, but I’m pleased to say my Monday press review is back!

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Thousands have their credit card information stolen in British Airways data breach!

07/09/2018 Hackers have targeted British Airways in a huge data attack affecting thousands of passengers

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There's not much time left to make a PPI claim! We answer your top 10 questions.

06/09/2018 There's not much time left to make a PPI claim! We answer your top 10 questions.

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Did payday loans make your life a misery? Check these 3 things before you make a claim.

28/08/2018 Wonga might be going down – and you're running out of time to make a claim. Here’s how to make sure you don’t sink with the ship!

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Disgusting! Hope you never see these top 6 food shockers on your plate!

23/08/2018 Take a deep breath everyone and put down those snacks. Complaints about food have been rising dramatically over the last year, so grit your teeth as we cover some of the stranger and more disgusting things people have found when tucking into a meal or snack.

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Are you in control of your private data?

22/08/2018 Do you know what your data is up to? With major data breaches being announced every week, here's Resolver's advice on dealing with your data.

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