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Don't drop your cover as the temperatures plunge

17/10/16 With the onset of the winter not too far away, the chances of problems happening around the home grow more likely.

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Now is the hottest time to switch energy supplier

04/10/16 There's no better moment to flick that heating and hot water switch - to change supplier for your electricity and gas

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Getting your gas right

19/09/16 You may have been overcharged due to confused meter readings

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Are energy companies making more from you than they should?

01/08/16 The Competition and Markets Authority has recently slammed the energy industry for making too much profit. It reckons that a margin of just 1.25 percent is more than enough.

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Dual fuel

Tis the season to go dual-fuel?

Christmas means winter, winter means heating, and heating means big fuel bills – so can you save yourself a load of dosh by doubling up?

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Electricity bill

Energy providers – who gives you the best customer service for the least cash?

(15/5/2015) The UK’s energy providers might have finished a flurry of spring price reductions, but have they gone far enough? And who’s providing the best customer service? We find out

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Switching energy services – How to save yourself £200

(26/02/15) With the government’s newly launched ‘Power to Switch’ campaign encouraging people to change their energy supplier to save money, James Walker looks into the ins and outs of switching and saving

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The Secret Consumer Compensation Scheme

We could all be missing out on making a claim because we don’t know about it, and for simple issues, too!

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Energy complaints

Jasper Griegson, the official complainer was on Good Morning Britain this morning and recommended to use Resolver to raise and manage complaints against your energy company.

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Winter warmers - Hot tips for a happy, heated home

07/01/15 How to keep your heating up and your bills down this winter

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