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Telecoms – do fewer complaints mean there’s less to complain about?

8/11/16 If there’s one huge monthly outlay for many of us, it’s paying for our TV services, landline phones and mobiles and broadband internet.

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Vodafone troubles and how to get the best from your contract

01/11/16 Vodafone troubles and how to get the best from your contract

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Massive Android security scare – is your smartphone safe?

31/08/16 More than 900 million smartphone handsets could be susceptible to hacking after researchers found a major security loophole in their software.

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Vodafone billing systems – a tale of woe for 20 million customers?

(20/06/16)Vodafone has been under fire in the news this week, after revelations of a huge spike in complaints about billing and poor customer service

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Phone theft

Mobile phone theft – be very aware!

(11/3/2016) 2,000 mobile phones are stolen a day in the UK. And with a typical smart phone worth more than £400, that means hundreds of millions of pounds-worth of mobiles are stolen every year.

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Broadband 1

Resolver Talking TalkTalk

(14/1/2016) Resolver founder James Walker was invited to talk on BBC Radio 4’s daytime consumer show yesterday to discuss TalkTalk rising numbers of complaints about TalkTalk

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Landline phone

Hanging on the telephone!

(06/08/2015) How to get a new landline and what happens if it's not as easy as you'd hoped

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Nuisance calls - your rights

If you are receiving unwanted calls then what should you do, from annoying sales calls to silent calls with no one there, how do you solve the problem, this weeks blog looks at your rights for the different situations.

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Rip off phone numbers - beware

Resolver is on a campaign, don't get ripped out when trying to phone your services, ensure you are not using rip off phone call websites. We have listed a few that we have found to ensure you do not use these.

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Channel 4's Dispatches focuses on nuisance calls

Channel 4's investigative documentary series <a href="" title=""><strong>Dispatches</strong> </a> has gone undercover to find out exactly why direct marketing-style nuisance calls from charities are such big business - and how you can stop them.

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