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Holiday horrors

19/01/17 Enjoy a winter holiday, not an unlucky break

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What to do with your winter getaway

21/11/16 Planning a getaway this winter? Then there's plenty you need to know and must remember when it comes to travelling at this time of the year

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Train missed 1

Get your train or tube journey back on track

17/10/16 There are two things you can rely on in Britain – bad weather and bad trains.

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Resolver%20train delays

Train delayed? Don’t forget your refund…

26/09/16 The Government is reported to be planning to make train firms tell passengers that they are entitled to refunds when delays occur – rather than travellers needing to apply off their own backs.

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Rail fail

11/07/16 - In July, Southern Rail axed almost 350 timetabled services in an attempt to stabilise its strike-hit and delay-riddled network.

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Thumb down holiday

What happens when a holiday goes wrong?

27/6/2016 - How to complain about a holiday (and how not to)

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Rail delays in a station%20resized

Railways delays - Regulator to make delay refunds an easier win

(01/04/2016) With the Easter break fully upon us, vast swathes of the great British public will be taking to our transport network. And many will experience delays. Delays that will infuriate them

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Train delays

Train delays: Please mind the gap

(24/10/2015) Please mind the gap – the gap between when your train is supposed to arrive and when it actually does…

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Hotel complaint

How to complain about a hotel

(26/7/2015) Whether you’re jetting off for a weekend break or a full-blown summer holiday, a good night’s sleep is key when staying away from home

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Airport queue

Holidays, hotels and travel - what to do if everything goes wrong

(07/06/15) This week we've taken a look at ways you can get some redress and sweeten the bitterness of a holiday gone bad

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