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Warranties, guarantees and your rights

03/05/2019 Warranties are one of the biggest cash cows for the insurance services industry. Why? Well, loads of us have at least one, most of us instantly forget about them (or lose the documents) – and the proportion of people who actually claim on them is so low that they generate huge profits for insurance brokers and underwriters.

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Monday Media Round-Up – Banned businesses

12/03/2019 Knowing your brand is important in business. But what happens when your brand is banned? That’s what happened to 87 businesses last year when Companies House said their names were too rude.

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Media Round-Up – Your rights in this week's news

22/08/2018 Your rights in the news – our weekly summary of the things you need to know

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(09/05/16)The big bills that a leasehold flat could land you

Investigating the pitfalls of leasehold properties

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St ives homes

The second home debate

(20/04/2016)Second homes – important community lifeline or just more fuel to the fire heating up UK property prices?

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Hacks, service outages and your rights. What to do if a service goes down and you lose out.

(22/02/16)We live in an ever more connected world. Online and networked technology touches almost every corner of our lives, from internet banking, to online shopping, to gaming, to streaming on-demand television, music or video services.

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Consumer rights gavel

A new Consumer Rights Act

(1/10/15) New legislation affects almost every purchase you make, from getting a new kitchen installed to downloading a movie

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Builder man

Home improvement hell!

09/09/15 What goes wrong when you when you get the builders in for home improvements? What are your rights and how do you deal with these issues?

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Pot holes: Make a claim

Read the article on potholes and your rights and how to make a claim.

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Cyber Monday - Resolver on the news

(01/12/2014) A busy day for Resolver's James Walker - talking Christmas online shopping and your rights on both Sky News and ITV's Good Morning Britain

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