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Delayed flights and your rights

12/09/16 Every day, the UK’s airports help to ferry hundreds of thousands of British holidaymakers all around the world.

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Holidays from hell? Here’s how to get something back from a rotten time away

It's that time of year again. The kids are off school, and millions of Brits are piling into cars, onto ferries and into planes for the annual summer getaway.

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Train delays

Train delays: Please mind the gap

(24/10/2015) Please mind the gap – the gap between when your train is supposed to arrive and when it actually does…

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Credit checking

Credit monitoring services – Are you owed money?

(27/08/15) We’ve been handling a lot of issues relating to Experian’s credit monitoring product CreditExpert at recently, so we thought it might be worth explaining the issue, and what sort of claim you might be entitled to

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Flight delay compensation – time to pay up, industry told

(27/02/2015) Airlines put under more pressure to compensate delayed customers

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The Secret Consumer Compensation Scheme

We could all be missing out on making a claim because we don’t know about it, and for simple issues, too!

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Airline delays compensation - courts rule in passengers' favour

(3/11/14) Jet2 loses appeal over compensation for delay caused by technical faults, setting a precedent for hundreds of thousands of other potential compensation cases

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German Court Airline Ruling

(04/08/2014) Today the German Courts have given a ruling on late planes and when a plane has landed. This has an impact on compensation across Europe for delayed flights.

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£1.6 billion in missing compensation (29/08/2014)

Resolver estimates that £1.6 billion could be in the hands of consumers if they were to complain. 59% of consumers don't make a complaint because it is too hard, too much hassle or they don't expect the company to address their problem.

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If you complain what do you expect as compensation? Most consumers are only looking for an apology, but, what are the top 25 bizarre forms of compensation offered, read on!

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