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Telecoms – do fewer complaints mean there’s less to complain about?

8/11/16 If there’s one huge monthly outlay for many of us, it’s paying for our TV services, landline phones and mobiles and broadband internet.

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Vodafone troubles and how to get the best from your contract

01/11/16 Vodafone troubles and how to get the best from your contract

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Resolver%20train delays

Train delayed? Don’t forget your refund…

26/09/16 The Government is reported to be planning to make train firms tell passengers that they are entitled to refunds when delays occur – rather than travellers needing to apply off their own backs.

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Massive Android security scare – is your smartphone safe?

31/08/16 More than 900 million smartphone handsets could be susceptible to hacking after researchers found a major security loophole in their software.

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Ppi banks v2%20copy

PPI – the banks are still braced for more claims. Here’s how to get back what you’re owed

When you think of PPI, you might think of irritating cold calls, spam emails and infuriating advertising jingles on radio and on daytime television.

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Are your groceries trying to fool you

Are your groceries trying to fool you?

19/07/16 - British fruit and veg... or is it really British-ish fruit and veg...?

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Vodafone billing systems – a tale of woe for 20 million customers?

(20/06/16)Vodafone has been under fire in the news this week, after revelations of a huge spike in complaints about billing and poor customer service

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Competition authority tells banks they need to be clearer on overdraft fees

(23/05/16) Stuck in your overdraft? Watch out – You might get charged big fees without warning

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Phone costs

Do you know how much a phone call costs?

(28/04/2016)With an ever growing range of phone tariffs and providers, we look at whether people really understand how much a phone call will cost them.

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Saving your savings

Customer services and the financial sector - are the banks getting better?

(02/03/16)A recent report has suggested the banking sector is one of the best for responding to complaints. Crazy but true...

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