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The wacky world of insurance

1/03/17 There’s a saying that goes, if you can think of it, you can insure it. And it’s not far wrong.

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Frightful flights and traumatic travel

15/02/17 Getaway! Dealing with difficult flights

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Surviving the sales

20/12/12 The post-Christmas sales can be a heart-thumping, major excitement rush for some - or a source of horror and trepidation for others.

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Avoid the christmas comedown%20resized

Avoiding the Christmas comedown – regain control of your cash

20/12/12 Christmas day is nearly here! We hope the run-up to the big day hasn't been too stressful for you.

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Online shopping trouble

Online Shopping troubles

19/12/16 Six days of shopping days left until Christmas

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Santa under stress

Christmas is coming – how to beat the stress of it

But with so much to organise, buy and prepare for, you could be forgiven if you're finding it all a bit stressful... already!

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Don't put up with bad customer service

14/11/16 You should never ever have to put up with a company who gives you bad customer service.

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Credit where and when it is due

25/10/16 As Christmas approaches, it's likely you'll be spending more.

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Don't drop your cover as the temperatures plunge

17/10/16 With the onset of the winter not too far away, the chances of problems happening around the home grow more likely.

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Train delay 1

Government rail report: passenger experience 'woeful' welcomes today’s report from the Transport Select Committee, which highlighted the “woeful" experience of passengers on Southern trains

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