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Horror on the high street

11/04/2019 The high street as we know it has changed forever. Last year, 43 brand names went bust, closing 2,594 stores. In the first two months of 2019 a further 15 brands vanished from the shopping centres for good.

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Media Round-Up – Free money for bad service. This is not an April Fool's.

03/04/2019 Now that April Fool's Day is out of the way, we're back with the consumer rights news update you can trust.

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Monday Media Round-Up – Banned businesses

12/03/2019 Knowing your brand is important in business. But what happens when your brand is banned? That’s what happened to 87 businesses last year when Companies House said their names were too rude.

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Monday Media Round-Up – Trying times

25/02/2019 In these trying times, a glance at the news can make it seem like we’re being driven further and further apart. But there was a time when society was all about togetherness. And that time was the seventies.

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Monday Media Round-Up – Banking highs and airplane lows

14/01/2018 We’re in the wastelands of January, where Britain collectively holds out for the next paycheck, the new year’s resolutions start to waiver and grey skies get us down. Why, even our good old British robins are deserting us for China, to the amusement of Chinese Brexit birdwatchers.

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Holiday Season Rights Round-up

17/12/2018 It's Resolver's weekly round-up of your rights in the news.

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The Christmas countdown has begun!

03/12/2018 The countdown to Christmas has begun! Hurrah! But it’s not a happy time for everyone. Oh no, lots of people hate Christmas. Grumpy people. Shop workers. Elves.

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Rail complaints are changing – what you need to know!

26/11/2018 From 26 November onwards, the way your rail complaints are handled will be changing. You’ll have the opportunity to take your complaints to the Rail Ombudsman if you’ve been getting nowhere with a rail service provider.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday – The ultimate guide to your rights

20/11/2018 The ultimate guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping.

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Under new ownership – Three things you need to know when a retailer is sold!

12/10/2018 What are my rights when a retailer changes hands?

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