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Passengers let down by train timetables

27/02/2018 When you’re travelling by train, one of the first things you’d hope to be correct would be the train timetable. Unfortunately, the independent watchdog Transport Focus has warned that rail passengers could soon be let down.

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Train delays

The Pain of Trains

27/06/17 "Sorry to announce that your train is now cancelled..." Why?

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Get your train or tube journey back on track

17/10/16 There are two things you can rely on in Britain – bad weather and bad trains.

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Train delay 1

Government rail report: passenger experience 'woeful' welcomes today’s report from the Transport Select Committee, which highlighted the “woeful" experience of passengers on Southern trains

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Train delayed? Don’t forget your refund…

26/09/16 The Government is reported to be planning to make train firms tell passengers that they are entitled to refunds when delays occur – rather than travellers needing to apply off their own backs.

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Holidays from hell? Here’s how to get something back from a rotten time away

It's that time of year again. The kids are off school, and millions of Brits are piling into cars, onto ferries and into planes for the annual summer getaway.

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Train delays – just what is a late train?

(12/11/14) We look at what the train operators count as late running - and just when you might be entitled to compensation

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Planes, trains & ferries your rights explained

It’s that time of year when we pack our bags and get away, from a few days visiting friends to jetting of to the sun. Along with moving house, the process of getting to and from your holiday destination can be extremely stressful so what are your rights if there is a problem?

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