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Don't put up with bad customer service

14/11/16 You should never ever have to put up with a company who gives you bad customer service.

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Getting your gas right

19/09/16 You may have been overcharged due to confused meter readings

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Tumble dryer risks and what you need to know

In a spin: Millions of Creda, Hotpoint and Indesit tumble dryers built in the past are facing recall over potential fire risk

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Saving your savings

Customer services and the financial sector - are the banks getting better?

(02/03/16)A recent report has suggested the banking sector is one of the best for responding to complaints. Crazy but true...

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Piggy bank

Packaged bank accounts – have you been mis-sold?

(19/06/15) This week we look into what you can do if you’ve been paying for your bank account, and you feel like you shouldn’t have been 

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Electricity bill

Energy providers – who gives you the best customer service for the least cash?

(15/5/2015) The UK’s energy providers might have finished a flurry of spring price reductions, but have they gone far enough? And who’s providing the best customer service? We find out

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Istock parking

Private parking firms' court battle victory

(26/04/2015) Court of Appeal overrules challenge to £85 fine

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Martin article 2 proud to announce partnership with

(18/4/2015) We hope to revolutionise customer service in the UK thanks to new deal with consumer champions MSE and Martin Lewis

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DIY troubles… How to complain

(27/03/2015) This week we look at what you can do if something goes wrong with your DIY projects – when you can complain and when you can’t

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