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How does resolver work?

resolver's promises:
  • We will never share your personal data with anyone without your permission - your case will go to the firm you’re complaining about and, if appropriate, to an ombudsman. But that is it.
  • If you find something wrong with a company or our processes, tell us and we will put it right.
  • We will keep adding companies and services to our database.
  • You can raise a complaint against resolver via resolver itself.
  • We do use cookies, but only to provide you with a better experience.

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The complaints champion


resolver was developed by James Walker, who decided to become a consumer complaints champion after suffering poor customer service. James felt that there needed to be a better way to complain.

resolver investigates the complaints procedures of organisations, so we know what to do and who to speak to in order to resolve complaints effectively. That way we make it easy for everyone, and we help both consumers and companies find quick solutions to complaints.

We’ve created smarter complaining, making it quick, simple and easy for you to raise complaints and resolve your issues.