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Train overcrowding – what to do if you're stuck outside the station

17/06/2019 Most train operators offer compensation for delayed service – but what happens when you’re stuck outside the station because of overcrowding?

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Government recalls thousands of Whirlpool dryers

12/06/2019 The Government has said that it will recall up to 500,000 faulty Whirlpool tumble dryers in the UK.

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Don’t wait till it’s too late – how to plan for your big exit

08/05/2019 It’s going to happen to us all. Some of us want to go out with a bang, while others want a cardboard coffin and no fuss. But have you told your friends and relatives about your plans?

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What did 1.4 million people complain about? Resolver releases the big figures for 2018/19

08/05/2018 Millions of people sought help last year from Resolver – the worlds biggest free complaints website. Resolver’s users have now made over 3.6 million complaints since the service began just over four years ago.

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Warranties, guarantees and your rights

03/05/2019 Warranties are one of the biggest cash cows for the insurance services industry. Why? Well, loads of us have at least one, most of us instantly forget about them (or lose the documents) – and the proportion of people who actually claim on them is so low that they generate huge profits for insurance brokers and underwriters.

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Need to cancel a holiday? – Your Rights

16/04/2019 Have you booked a holiday that you've got to cancel? You're in luck: Resolver is here with the definitive guide to your rights.

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Jet Airways cancels international flights

12/04/2018 Jet Airways has today suspended all its international flights, leaving passengers facing cancellations across its 380 international routes.

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Horror on the high street

11/04/2019 The high street as we know it has changed forever. Last year, 43 brand names went bust, closing 2,594 stores. In the first two months of 2019 a further 15 brands vanished from the shopping centres for good.

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The high price of loyalty charges

10/04/2019 Did you know that you pay a hefty financial price for staying loyal to business? From insurance to broadband, chances are you’re being hit with a loyalty tax for staying with the same provider of the service.

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Media Round-Up – Free money for bad service. This is not an April Fool's.

03/04/2019 Now that April Fool's Day is out of the way, we're back with the consumer rights news update you can trust.

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