Resolver is a free tool to help consumers raise and resolve issues. Our mission is to champion better outcomes for everyone.

Resolver in association with MoneySavingExpert.com

Resolver is working with MoneySavingExpert.com, the UK's biggest consumer advice website, bringing together their awesome campaigning power with Resolver's focus on helping consumers raise and resolve issues.

A word from Martin Lewis of MoneySavingExpert.com:

"MoneySavingExpert's aim has always been to cut your bills and fight your corner. Part of that is ensuring that when a company doesn't give you the product or service you expect, things should be put right. Yet complaining isn't always easy - they often ignore you, or fob you off with legal jargon. 

"For the past decade we've used template letters to help - over 10m have been downloaded just on our PPI and bank charges reclaiming campaigns alone. The free technology Resolver provides can take this a leap further: automating the process, including drafting the letter, sending it, monitoring replies and then escalating it to an Ombudsman or key complaint body if it's not sorted.

"So we are now committed to working together. We've married Resolver's technology with our campaigning background, incorporating Resolver into MoneySavingExpert guides, even where previously we hadn't focused on 'what to do if it goes wrong' and using our templates and experience to feed into Resolver's process.

"My hope is this will make complaining for millions of people smoother and more effective - helping redress the power balance between companies and consumers."

Martin Lewis, April 2015

Helping you get results

Making a complaint is often time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you find yourself waiting on the phone or struggling to find the right contact details.

Unlike traditional complaints procedures, Resolver guides and supports you throughout the complaints process. Our system makes recommendations on next steps and when to take them, connecting your complaint with key industry regulators and ombudsmen. Resolver helps you keep track of your complaint and stores all relevant information securely in one place.

We are NOT a claims-management company

Resolver is a free service that makes complaining more effective. We do not take a percentage of any outcome.

Unlike a claims management company, we do not act on your behalf. We empower you to get your voice heard and your issue resolved.

Our ethics

Resolver has been built by consumers, for consumers. We only treat you how we would like to be treated ourselves.

We do not have adverts, we do not sell or give your personal data to anyone except who you are claiming about or escalating your case to. We will never sell you anything.

Our history

Resolver was started by James Walker after an energy company ignored a complaint of his. James realised that complaining was complex, hard work and that there was no service that proactively helped consumers resolve their issues.

Who we work with

Our system is built on comprehensive research into correct complaint procedures. We regularly consult with regulators, ombudsmen, government departments, and consumer rights organisations to improve our process.

In the media

Resolver has been featured on Radio 4 Moneybox, Moneybox Live, You and Yours, The Sun (including App of the Week), The Star, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, BBC News, Metro (App of the Week) and ITV Good Morning Britain. 

James writes a weekly column on consumer rights to help consumers manage and resolve complaints, it is published in over 50 newspapers and magazines. James also writes for the Daily Mirror, 'i' and the Daily Express.

Resolver & Government

Resolver launched its services at 10 Downing Street in 2013 and has been invited back a number of times to discuss how best to assist consumers to resolve complaints and improve overall service quality.

Resolver has even been discussed in Parliament by a member of the Cabinet as an inspiration for efforts to improve complaints procedures and resolve issues within public services. 

Being fair to businesses

Resolver is not there to bash businesses, that’s all too easy. We believe most businesses want to do the right thing for customers. So we are focused on helping them to understand and resolve your issue promptly and privately. Our aim is to help ensure you are happy with the outcome and want to remain a loyal customer to the organisation. Resolver customer satisfaction scores are based on feedback given by Resolver users at the point of case resolution. Only companies with more than 50 cases are included in these published datasets. 

Twice a year, Resolver publishes statistics showing the number of cases submitted per sector. You can find this information here, in line with our policy on transparency.

Who do you have an issue with?

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