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If you want to make a complaint about a car dealer, car manufacturer, breakdown service, the DVLA, or to appeal a Parking Fine Notice, then use resolver to help you find a quick and simple solution to your problem. We will help you raise and manage all your motoring complaints for free! To appeal a Penalty Charge Notification, raise your complaint via our Public Services section

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You can raise issues with 253 companies in the Motoring sector

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Resolver is not affiliated to, linked with or otherwise endorsed by any of the organisations within the Motoring sector, or any of the companies or organisations that you can raise an issue with via us.
We are an entirely independent issue-resolution tool that enables the raising and handling of consumer issues, making complaining simpler for everyone.

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Your rights

We have 299 pages of rights guides for you covering 253 companies in the Motoring sector. Feel free to browse these pages - they're all listed below - but the quickest way to find the best rights for you is by using our unique Rights Finder to access our extensive database of consumer rights information.

Start by telling us the name of the company or organisation you have an issue with.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Motoring

How is the motor industry regulated?

There is no single regulator for the motor industry, nor an ombudsman that specifically covers it. If you have an issue the best method for resolving the issue is to contact the relevant firm or organisation via resolver. 

So are there any motor industry bodies that do look after the rights of the consumer?

Motor Codes is the government-backed, self-regulatory body for the motor industry. Its voluntary membership of thousands of garages is committed to maintaining high standards throughout the new car sales process, administration of new car warranties and car service and repair. So, whether you're buying a new car or need a service or repair job carrying out, use our garage finder to look for businesses in your area that are committed to the Trading Standards Institute-approved codes of practice.

Parking Fine Notices 

This sounds similar to the ticket issued by the Council, called a Penalty Charge Notification, but they are not the same. Parking Fine Notices are issued by private companies and are an invoice rather than a fine. If you do not pay up. they cannot affect your credit record or send the bailiffs around. If they want to recover the money they will need to take you to court, which takes time and is costly for them. What they are sending you is a fee for a breach of contract as when you entered the private land/car park an unwritten contract was created. 

How do I appeal a Parking Fine Notice?

Around 43% of appeals are successful. Initially you should appeal your case to the issuing company. If it's still then not resolved, you should send your case to POPLA, if the company is a member of an acredited scheme.  resolver will help you submit your issue to the company and then send your case onto to POPLA. You can only send your case to POPLA once the case has been rejected by the issuing company.  

Where could you get a Parking Fine Notice from?

Private car parks, shopping centres ot supermarket car parks. But not parking tickets received if parked on a road. 

Penalty Charge Notification (PCN) appeals

This is a parking ticket issues by a local authority, TFL or the police. If you wish to appeal this ticket from a local authority (council), you can do so with resolver, Simply search for the council that has issued the ticket in resolver and then you can raise a case. If this does not not resolve your issue you can send your case through to the parking adjudicator for independent assessment. There are four Parking Adjudicators in the UK. London, England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Scotland's is the only adjudicator without a website. 

How many PCN Appeals are successful?

Around 50% of parking tickets appealed are successful, often on technicalties. You can find out more information on how to appeal a PCN here



How we can help

If you have any sort of complaint to make about a company working within the Motoring sector, then resolver can help you out at every stage of the process.

We will support you in making a complaint about the service you’ve received in the Motoring sector, guiding you through every step.

resolver can put you in touch directly with the best person or department you need to speak to in a company to get your Motoring complaint heard and responded to. We will also advise you how to word your complaint in order to get the most effective response.

In addition, resolver will help you record all calls and correspondence you make via our app and website, and we will help you gather all your information into a case file should you wish to escalate your complaint beyond the company you received poor service from.

Who do you have an issue with?

How does resolver work?

Bespoke consumer guides

You'll find no legal jargon in our simple, comprehensive consumer rights sections. Our guidance is tailored specifically for every type of issue.

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Simple, flexible templates

We provide a wide range of flexible email templates for you to adapt to your needs – just slot in the specific details for your case, and in a few short clicks your issue will be ready to go.

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All complaint correspondence recorded

One of the most important aspects of a complicated issue is keeping a record of all your correspondence regarding the complaint – resolver does this for you automatically.

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What’s a case file?

Your case file is a secure online location for all important documents regarding your issue. You can upload photos, tickets, copies of receipts or external emails from before you raised your issue with resolver.

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What are your next steps?

If you’re not satisfied with the initial response from the organisation you have an issue with, our escalation process will let you know when you can raise your complaint to the next level of seniority and, ultimately to an ombudsman or regulator, where appropriate.

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