Why we are free

Free forever.

Resolver’s core service is completely free, operating on a not-for-profit basis.

No adverts, no hidden costs.

What do we use complaints data for?

We don’t sell your personal data.

Twice a year, we publish information showing the total number of complaints raised within broad sectors (like energy and online shopping).

We never publish any personal information or information relating to an individual complaint.

We sometimes contribute statistics to press campaigns that support causes that we think are in the consumer’s interest.

We never publish information about an individual complaint (unless we've contacted someone and they've given their express permission to be contacted by a media representative).

You can see the kind of information we publish here.

Data sharing

We will never share your personal data – except with moneysavingexpert.com (if you sign up to their newsletter) and the organisation you have an issue with (or to whom you’re escalating your case).

Our ethics

Resolver helps consumers and businesses sort out problems quickly and simply.

We believe we can use our knowledge to help businesses improve by learning from what their customers are telling them.

We’re working to make things better for everyone.

We believe in being open and transparent about everything we do – but it’s just as important that our users’ details stay secure and confidential.

We give information about the complaints we frequently see, but never the details of the people behind each case.

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