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Championing better outcomes for everyone

Resolver doesn’t just help consumers to Resolve their issues – we work with businesses, adjudicators and official bodies to help champion better outcomes for everyone.

Experts in the field

As the most trusted independent consumer service in the UK, we aim to provide expert guidance throughout the market.

Resolver’s Primary Authority Partnership with Trading Standards means that our advice is reviewed by the experts in the field. That's why over 2.3 million users trust us to resolve their issues.

Trusted and recognised

Resolver stands as the mark of a credible, trustworthy business that attracts and values loyal customers. Organisations we work with benefit from better insight into their customers’ needs – and a better understanding of how to deliver them.

Insightful guidance

Resolver is here to help your business identify, evaluate, and act upon your customer's needs.

With Resolver's know-how, your business will be perfectly positioned to find the best possible route to resolution for both you and your customers.

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