Are you a business?

Resolver exists to help consumers raise and resolve issues with all their key services. 

Resolver provides consumers with one place and one process to raise and resolve their issues, and businesses are key to achieving that 

Helping you help your customers 

When your customers visit Resolver, they are using us because they have had a bad experience of some sort - and they need care and attention. We make sure that consumers who come to Resolver are put straight through to the right people, people who can help that customer and ensure they remain loyal and happy. 

It's private and it's free - what's not to like?

Resolver is a free service for the consumer and the business. We do not charge, we do not carry adverts and we do not sell personal customer data. We are there to be fair and reasonable, to help ensure your customer is happy and that you retain their loyalty and future business.  

Making it right 

We're adding new market sectors to the Resolver system all the time and, when we do, we include all the key companies in a sector. As part of that, we build what we believe is the correct escalation procedure to ensure that your customers' issues are heard and addressed as quickly as possible, as this is often the last chance to retain them as a customer.  

Help us help you

If you think there is something wrong with the escalation procedure, or would like to know precisely what the escalation procedure is for your company, then please email us from your business email address. We will happily explain the Resolver process in more detail and will work with you to ensure it is aligned with your procedures. Contact us at our Help Centre. And don't worry - there is no charge. 

Do I have to reply to Resolver?

Companies are recognising that we are there to help resolve issues and keep them as a private matter between your and your customer. 

Resolver and

Resolver has partnered with to help change the way UK consumers complain - to the benefit, we believe, of both businesses and the British public.

To find out more about data protection, replying to a different email address than you already hold for a customer or for identification of the customer please read our frequently asked questions

Interested in Resolver and want to find out more about what we do visit our Corporate site. 

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