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Need to cancel a holiday? – Your Rights

16/04/2019 Have you booked a holiday that you've got to cancel? You're in luck: Resolver is here with the definitive guide to your rights.

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Jet Airways cancels international flights

12/04/2018 Jet Airways has today suspended all its international flights, leaving passengers facing cancellations across its 380 international routes.

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Horror on the high street

11/04/2019 The high street as we know it has changed forever. Last year, 43 brand names went bust, closing 2,594 stores. In the first two months of 2019 a further 15 brands vanished from the shopping centres for good.

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The high price of loyalty charges

10/04/2019 Did you know that you pay a hefty financial price for staying loyal to business? From insurance to broadband, chances are you’re being hit with a loyalty tax for staying with the same provider of the service.

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Media Round-Up – Free money for bad service. This is not an April Fool's.

03/04/2019 Now that April Fool's Day is out of the way, we're back with the consumer rights news update you can trust.

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Beat the bills

01/04/2019 The first signs of Spring are here and across the land, people are starting to daydream about alfresco lunches and enjoying the great outdoors again!

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Wow Air ceases operations! What to do if you're stranded.

18/10/2018 Wow Air closed its doors and ceased trading today! Passengers stuck abroad might be wondering what to do. Resolver can help.

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Monday Media Round-Up – Banned businesses

12/03/2019 Knowing your brand is important in business. But what happens when your brand is banned? That’s what happened to 87 businesses last year when Companies House said their names were too rude.

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Footpaths, foliage and fly-tipping

28/02/2019 What’s the most annoying thing in your local neighbourhood? Is it the potholes in the road? People who don’t clean up after their dogs or drop litter? Or that noisy neighbour from hell?

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The power of plastic

28/02/2019 At this time of year I’m often asked for tips about paying off a credit card. In fact, you might wonder if it’s ever worth getting one in the first place. Well the simple answer is yes – if you’re disciplined about how you use it (and pay it off).

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