Passport Complaints

Passport Complaint

If you have an issue with a delayed passport with the Passport Office find out what you can do, Resolver can help you submit your issue

The passport office does not give a guaranteed timescale to issue apart from premium and fast track service. For these services the passport office will take responsibility for achieving a service level.  

The Post Office recommends you should allow three weeks for the issuing of a passport renewal and six weeks for a new passport.

However, this is affected by the impact of excessive demand or strikes in the Passport Service.

For the premium service, this is the same day service offered at many locations around the UK. For the fast track service this has a 7-day turnaround from when your case is accepted.

For the standard service the passport office does not offer compensation, however, for exceptional circumstances, there is potential for compensation.

Waiting for your passport - what should I do?

If you are still waiting for your passport, then get hold of the Passport Office, in these circumstances you should phone the passport office. If you use the Resolver App you can record your phone call, to keep a complete and accurate record of your communications with the Passport Office so if you need to claim the compensation you have a record of your calls. Alternatively, you can call them direct on

You can call the Passport Office on 0300 123 1837 or if call from abroad then dial +44 300 123 1837

Their opening times are

Monday to Friday: 8 am to 8 pm

Saturday: 9 am to 4 pm

Am I entitled to compensation?

If you are caused a financial loss, then the Passport Service will consider your application if you have used the premium and fast track services. In exceptional circumstances then the Passport Service will consider compensation. You should submit all supporting documents that prove your claim (for example, a receipt to show a cancelled flight). You can scan and upload this into Resolver.

Can I claim on my insurance?

The answer is no. Most insurance companies will insure you for issues relating to your passport once you are on holiday and a delayed passport is outside of your insurance policy. However, a limited number of insurance companies will provide you with cover for this issue. The best way is to check with your insurer. Resolver has all the key insurance companies within the system so you can raise and submit a matter to your insurer.

What if I cannot resolve the issue?

If you cannot resolve your issue, Resolver has a complete escalation process for the Passport Office. This includes escalation to the Chief Executive, the Complaints Review team and then onto the Home Office Minister for the Passport Service. If you want to take your issue further, your local MP will have to refer your case to the Parliamentary Ombudsman, who can then review your case.

If you have an issue with a delayed passport, Why not use Resolver to raise your complaint?

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