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Frightful flights and traumatic travel

15/02/17 Getaway! Dealing with difficult flights

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The problem with packaged bank accounts

15/02/17 Back in the year 2000….

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Why should you care about PPI?

02/02/17 Payment protection insurance

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Holiday horrors

19/01/17 Enjoy a winter holiday, not an unlucky break

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The Art of Haggling

05/01/17 We all love a good bargain, but there’s something about the thought of haggling for a better deal in a shop that fills most Brits with dread.

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Top tips on saving and standing up for your rights

05/01/17 Standing up for your rights isn’t always easy. But knowing the rules can empower you to take on big businesses.

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Surviving the sales

20/12/12 The post-Christmas sales can be a heart-thumping, major excitement rush for some - or a source of horror and trepidation for others.

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Avoid the christmas comedown%20resized

Avoiding the Christmas comedown – regain control of your cash

20/12/12 Christmas day is nearly here! We hope the run-up to the big day hasn't been too stressful for you.

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