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Why should you care about PPI?

02/02/17 Payment protection insurance

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Resolver%20train delays

Train delayed? Don’t forget your refund…

26/09/16 The Government is reported to be planning to make train firms tell passengers that they are entitled to refunds when delays occur – rather than travellers needing to apply off their own backs.

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PPI – the banks are still braced for more claims. Here’s how to get back what you’re owed

When you think of PPI, you might think of irritating cold calls, spam emails and infuriating advertising jingles on radio and on daytime television.

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Credit checking

Credit monitoring services – Are you owed money?

(27/08/15) We’ve been handling a lot of issues relating to Experian’s credit monitoring product CreditExpert at recently, so we thought it might be worth explaining the issue, and what sort of claim you might be entitled to

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Pot holes: Make a claim

Read the article on potholes and your rights and how to make a claim.

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We reveal the train tickets you pay when you don't have to

Are fares fair? The hidden bargains of family train travel revealed

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Air delays, allergy laws and water bills - a round-up

After a week of major consumer issues, we round up the big stories and what they mean for you…

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Packaged bank accounts - have you been mis-sold?

Market data suggests that one in five of us holding a packaged bank account have been mis-sold the account. But what is a packaged bank account and do you have one?

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Train delays – just what is a late train?

(12/11/14) We look at what the train operators count as late running - and just when you might be entitled to compensation

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