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Holiday horrors

19/01/17 Enjoy a winter holiday, not an unlucky break

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What to do with your winter getaway

21/11/16 Planning a getaway this winter? Then there's plenty you need to know and must remember when it comes to travelling at this time of the year

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Thumb down holiday

Holidays from hell? Here’s how to get something back from a rotten time away

Your summer holiday is a big deal, too. In fact, for many families, it's the biggest single expense of the year, equivalent to 2 months’ salary. And even if you've planned your break like a military operation, sometimes things can go wrong.

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Brexit – what’s going to happen to your consumer rights?

05/07/16 - On 23rd June, the UK voted to leave the European Union

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Thumb down holiday

What happens when a holiday goes wrong?

27/6/2016 - How to complain about a holiday (and how not to)

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Hotel complaint

How to complain about a hotel

(26/7/2015) Whether you’re jetting off for a weekend break or a full-blown summer holiday, a good night’s sleep is key when staying away from home

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Easter get-away troubles

(19/3/2015) Easter is fast approaching, and with it the first big national getaway of the year. Cue the slew of stories in the media about delays, jams and gridlock.

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Five things to remember when booking a holiday

(29/1/2015) Are you fed up of the winter blues? Looking to book a summer holiday? You won’t be alone – huge numbers of Brits book their summer holidays during the winter months as a way to brighten up those dark days of late winter

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Package holiday pains

You may be reading this while working on your tan on a sunny beach, on the way to the airport wondering if you turned the oven off or on the way home from hopefully a fantastic break! What happens if the holiday does not turn out as expected.

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Planes, trains & ferries your rights explained

It’s that time of year when we pack our bags and get away, from a few days visiting friends to jetting of to the sun. Along with moving house, the process of getting to and from your holiday destination can be extremely stressful so what are your rights if there is a problem?

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