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(09/05/16)The big bills that a leasehold flat could land you

Investigating the pitfalls of leasehold properties

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St ives homes

The second home debate

(20/04/2016)Second homes – important community lifeline or just more fuel to the fire heating up UK property prices?

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Switching time

Time to switch? The government thinks so… and it’s going to help you to do it

(05/12/15) New ‘switching principles’ set out clear guidelines to help consumers switch over their key utility services

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Builder man

Home improvement hell!

09/09/15 What goes wrong when you when you get the builders in for home improvements? What are your rights and how do you deal with these issues?

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Council tax

Council Tax - can you get a discount?

15/08/15 This week we’ve been contacted by Paul, who has just bought a doer-upper home that’s going to be empty while he renovates it. He wants to know whether he’s going to be entitled to any discount...

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Planning regs - what are the rules?

(26/11/14) Your local authority is the provider of number of services in your area, from collecting your bins, preventing noise pollution and ensuring planning guidelines are followed, to looking after schools, social care or municipal sports facilities. This week, we take a look at planning issues and how these are dealt with.

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Winter is coming – don’t let energy companies freeze you out of customer service

The energy sector is one of the most complained-about industries in Britain. In 2013, 17,948 complaints were accepted by the Energy Ombudsman, but so far in 2014 it has accepted 37,061 complaints - and that’s with two months of the year still to go!

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Blog: how to sort housing association problems

(15/10/14) What are the rights and regulations for housing association and council house tenants who want to complain? We find out

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