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Resolver users reveal the top companies for customer service

23/08/16 User feedback system reveals the top companies for customer satisfaction following the resolution of a complaint

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199 castle made of boxes

The kids' party with a 'castle' made from crisp boxes

16/08/16 We’re all used to spending a little (or a lot) of money to keep the kids happy – especially during the school holidays. But £36 a head for a ‘party’ festival whose ‘highlight’ was a so-called play-castle made out of crisp-boxes really does take the biscuit.

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Report reveals vulnerable patients not being served by the NHS

(1605/16)But what can you do if you feel poorly served by the Health Service? We investigate

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Phone theft

Mobile phone theft – be very aware!

(11/3/2016) 2,000 mobile phones are stolen a day in the UK. And with a typical smart phone worth more than £400, that means hundreds of millions of pounds-worth of mobiles are stolen every year.

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Common complaints

Five common customer complaints, and how companies should resolve them…

If you’ve got a complaint to make to a company, what’s it likely to be about? And what sort of response can you expect? We find out…

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Christmas shopping

Get budgeting for Christmas with Money Advice Planner

(09/11/15) Money Advice Service launches easy-to-use budget planner, so you needn't get caught short of funds this Christmas

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Mse resolver numbers

Surge in consumers using and getting issues solved

(4/5/2015) helps get consumer issues resolved with

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World Pothole Day? Use it to complain about the state of our roads

There’s one thing every winter brings to the UK’s roads – and that’s potholes. But website has launched what it’s calling World Pothole Day in an effort to make our roads smoother.

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Catch Resolver’s James Walker on the radio

(27/02/2015) We’ll be talking through listener issues live this Saturday on Share digital radio live

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