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Flights, bailiffs and malfunctions – getting your compensation for delays

04/04/2018 You’d think we’d get tired of saying this, but it has been another dramatic few weeks in flights! With airlines being hit by visits from the bailiff and computer faults, many consumers are left wondering whether they can get compensation. Luckily, Resolver is here to clear things up.

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The world's most delayed flight – and other bizarre stories

04/01/2018 Dramatic scenes at Malaga airport this week as a frustrated passenger tried to escape his delayed plane through the window. This got us thinking about some of the more extreme delays we’d heard of – and how we can help you get compensation if you’re affected.

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The Bali volcano and flights

27/11/2017 The Bali volcano eruption has disrupted flights and many will be worried about their arrangements – here's the information you need.

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Monarch goes into administration - your rights explained

02/10/2017 Monarch Airlines has gone into administration. Thousands of flights have been cancelled, leaving an estimated 110,000 holidaymakers stranded.

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Have you been affected by Ryanair flight cancellations?

22/09/2017 James Walker, founder of Resolver answers your questions on Ryanair, flight cancellations and your rights

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Frightful flights and traumatic travel

15/02/17 Getaway! Dealing with difficult flights

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Brexit – what’s going to happen to your consumer rights?

05/07/16 - On 23rd June, the UK voted to leave the European Union

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Airline delays

Flight delay? Time to pay, European court tells airline industry

Court ruling makes it easier to claim compensation for a late flight, as airline industry is put under ever more pressure to pay up

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Air delays, allergy laws and water bills - a round-up

After a week of major consumer issues, we round up the big stories and what they mean for you…

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Cancelled and delayed flights - your compensation rights

(29/10/2014) In such a competitive market, airlines strive to cut costs to provide cheaper flights. That’s great news for your pocket, but an industry operating on such tight margins means that when something goes wrong it can go badly wrong!

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