Britannia Hotels complaints

If you are having problems with Britannia Hotels and would like to either find out your rights, who to contact or make a complaint then use Resolver to make the process simpler. Choose the hotel you have an issue with from the list below to make a complaint.

Resolver is the smart way for you to complain

Resolver is a totally free tool that connects British consumers directly to the people that can resolve their complaint. Phone using our iPhone or Android apps and you can even record what they say to you.

Using Resolver, you can submit complaints for each hotel run by Britannia Hotels. Your complaint will be sent to the correct person or team at Britannia Hotels and escalated at the correct times, to the correct person, if required.

You can use the Resolver system to help you at every stage. You can use it to escalate your issue to all three levels of Britannia Hotels complaints.

Choose the hotel to get started:

Aberdeen Adamton Prestwick
Adelphi Liverpool Airport Hotel Northenden
Airport Inn Gatwick Airport Inn Mcr
Ashley Hale Basingstoke
Birmingham Bolton
Bosworth Hall Market Bosworth Bournemouth
Buxton Carrington Bournemouth
Clifton Scarborough Country House Manchester
Coventry Coventry Hill
Daresbury Warrington Edinburgh
Europa Gatwick Grand Burstin Folkestone
Hampstead Heathlands Bournemouth
International Canary Wharf Leeds
Leeds Airport Llandudno
Manchester Metropole Blackpool
Newcastle Norbreck Blackpool
North Stafford Nottingham
Prince of Wales Southport Roundhouse Bournemouth
Royal Albion Brighton Royal Bath Bournemouth
Royal Court Coventry Royal Scarborough
Russ Hill Surrey Sachas Manchester
Savoy Blackpool Scarborough
Scarisbrick Southport Stockport
Waterside Peterhead Wigan

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