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Your rights: untidy site

Meet with the Trademsan and show works unhappy with the way the site is being left. Was there anything agreed for how the site would be kept and the frequency of rubbish/waste removal. Waste can be untidy, cause problems with neighbours or damage your garden etc. We recommend you raise your concern with the Tradesman and advise them what you would like to be done and the reason for your concern. Try to understand the Tradesman point of view as all waste collections can be an additional cost and they have committed a cost to you. If you feel appropiate keep a record of the issues and document the issue.

You should know
  • Raise your issue with the company first and give them the chance to put the issue right.
  • If you have started legal proceedings the Resolver, the Association of Professional Landscapers and TrustMark will not be able to assist in the resolution process.
  • All companies in resolver are a member of the Association of Professional Landscapers and therefore abide by their code of conduct.
  • If the issue cannot be resolved then it can be escalated to the Association of Professional Landscapers through Resolver and they will assess your case.
  • If the issue cannot be resolved then the case will be escalated to TrustMark for final mediation.
  • If the issue cannot be resolved, we recommend mediation of the issue as a quick and effective solution and at a fraction of the cost of legal proceedings.

Raising your concerns

Talk to the tradesman about the problem and give them a chance to put any problems right or to finish any work that is not finished.

If this has been a series of events that has leas you to complain what is the main cause and as important be clear and concise as to what you want done to resolve the issue.

Be fair and reasonable

Stay calm, even if you are angry, and give evidence and examples to support your claims. Be fair, ensure that you listen to the tradesman view and see if there is a reasonable compromise that can be reached.

Keep an accurate record

Through Resolver record your communications, phone calls and supporting documents such as photos in case the issue cannot be resolved. Remember the Resolver app allows you to record your phone calls and add photos to your take on your phone. The app is available on both Android & Apple.

If you cannot solve the problem

resolver will remind you what to do and when. The system will allow you to escalate your case if unresolved after the tradesman has been given a reasonable time to resolve the issue with you.

Independent assessment of the issue

If you are still not satisfied, your resolver case file will be sent to the Association of Professional Landscapers. They are there to independently assess your case once you have been through the trades persons complaints procedure.

It is important to note that most resolutions do not include a pay out for compensation but will require the company, if found to have failed to meet the contractual agreement or standards set by the Association to put right what is wrong.

Any assessment will be undertaken independently and will be based on the information provided by both parties.

There is no charge for the independent assessment of the case but be aware if you case is dismissed you will be made aware of why it was rejected.

Dissatisfied with the complaints procedure

If the issue is still not resolved to your satisfaction because the correct procedure was not followed or has not dealt with the issue as they said they would then you can escalate your case to TrustMark in resolver. TrustMark will look at how the case was assessed and not the original issue.

Dispute resolution

If your issues cannot be resolved by the Association of Professional Landscapers and the issue is about the complaint and not how it is handled then you should consider mediation or arbitration of the dispute. This is low cost and the focus is on providing a cost effective resolution.

Your complete case from resolver will allow the mediator/arbitrator to quickly assess your case. Resolver can put you in contact with the right parties to resolve your issue effectively.

Taking legal proceedings

The alternative is to take your issue to Court. The focus is only to take cases to Court as a last resort and you should have tried to mediate or arbitrate first. Simply going to your solicitor and sending costly letters will not help your case, the intent must be to resolve and how you have tried to have a reasoned argument rather than simply turning to your solicitor.

What if the firm is not in resolver?

resolver is adding all TrustMark members to its service as the Government endorsed standards for the construction industry. These are being rolled out across the different membership organisations.

For companies outside of TrustMark sadly resolver is not able to assist in resolving your case but we can help you find a mediator to help resolve your issues.

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