Complaining to the Financial Ombudsman

If you’re thinking about complaining to the Financial Ombudsman, you should first approach your bank, insurer or financial service provider – or company you have a problem with, if this is a different organisation. They need to be given the opportunity to resolve your issue.

You must wait eight weeks before escalating your complaint to the ombudsman. The ombudsman will contact the business about your complaint and ask them to deal with it on your behalf if you don’t wish to raise the complaint with the company directly.

Once you’ve waited eight weeks, then you can go to the Financial Ombudsman

You can either contact the Financial Ombudsman on the phone by 0300 123 9 123 or 0800 023 4567, or you can download a complaint form , sign it and send it in.

Helpful hints when making a complaint about finance

  • Get your complaint in writing – this is the easiest way to make sure that it gets recorded properly
  • If you do need to make a phone call, Resolver can record it and store it for you in your online case file.
  • Record as many details as possible – who you speak to, their job titles, the dates and times of your calls with them. Resolver can do this for you, but it’s worth making the effort to record details yourself.
  • Be polite. You might well be really frustrated and irritated about the service you’ve received, but it’s important to keep calm, especially if you’re complaining to the Financial Ombudsman - effectively a third party that has had nothing to do with your complaint other than an intent to solve it.

Other options for advice

You can speak to the Citizens Advice Bureau for advice on financial matters, or you could talk to the Government’s Money Advice Service .

Who do you have an issue with?

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