What to expect

It's crucial to know what to expect after you've made your complaint.  Bear in mind that making a complaint does not automatically entitle you to compensation – it depends on the business, the service you have taken, the time and effort you have put in  and the severity of the issue.

Can I claim for my wasted time?

If your service provider has made a mistake, you can at least expect them to put it right. You are justified in claiming for your time and call costs, but this will also depend on the company's policy and the severity of the incident. You can claim back any money owed to you along with any interest (which is unlikely to be significant). A court would rarely include the cost of your time in any compensation.

Can I claim for liability from loss of service?

Companies are not liable for any costs you incur from the service being unavailable. For example, if your cable service is not working and you rent a DVD to entertain you in the interim, you would not be able to claim for the cost of the rental. The company will offer service credits for the loss of service but will often demand that the service is unavailable for an extensive length of time before you can claim.

Keeping records

Resolver will equip you with a well-kept case file that will help you with your claim. Bear in mind that you should always explain your problem as clearly and as calmly as possible. Resolver will help you keep track of your correspondence, making sure you always have access to the information you need.

Who do you have an issue with?

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