Which ombudsman do I complain to?

You can use Resolver to raise a case against thousands of organisations and companies. If the issue cannot be resolved, you can then package it up and send it on to the relevant ombudsman. 

The ombudsman you choose to complain to will depend on the sector in which the company you have a complaint about operates. There are some sectors that have more than one ombudsman. A case cannot be sent to the ombudsman for at least eight weeks after you have raised the issue with the company or if the company has sent you a deadlock letter before this time. 

A deadlock letter is where the company has accepted it cannot resolve your dispute and so will allow you to send your case to the ombudsman prior to the eight-week period.

Can I get advice from an ombudsman before the eight-week period following the original complaint?

Some ombudsmen will allow you to get in touch with them before the eight weeks are up, but they won’t begin any complaint resolution process beyond notifying the company concerned. However, some will make a complaint on your behalf directly to the company.

Who do you have an issue with?

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