Stop the UK sleepwalking into debt

The UK is falling into debt

More than eight million people admit they're likely to fall behind on their bills after Christmas.

In fact, the UK is due to spend an estimated £22 billion in December.

It's clear that people worried about debt aren't being treated consistently.

That's why we're calling for more support for everyone who's struggling financially.

The campaign

We're working with Experian to help people worried about their credit files. Debt needs to be easier to deal with – and we're committed to making a difference.

We're calling for

  • A consistent approach to how businesses deal with people in debt. Anyone in financial difficulties should be given a short ‘breathing space’, where no interest or fees are charged. Everyone should have the chance to take control of their finances;
  • The opportunity for people trapped in their overdrafts to be given interest-free loans that don’t get registered as ‘defaults’ by the banks;
  • Further support for free services like StepChange that help people manage their finances – and clear warnings about debt management services that charge fees.

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