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Most suitable for
Tradespeople, freelancers, creatives, independent businesses
Legal Partnerships, independent accountants, estate agencies, taxi services
Local councils, manufacturing & warehousing, online retailers, construction, independent builders
Utilities, communications companies, transport & haulage, hotels & hospitality
Branding personalisation
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Company logo
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Company logo, graphics and colour scheme
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12 months
12 months
36 months
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View complaints in one place
Monthly snapshot data dashboard
Respond via email
Centralised Customer Management System

Centralised Customer Management System

View and oraganise all of your complaints in one centralised place.

Respond to messages via CRM portal

Respond to messages

Respond quickly and resolve complaints easy. All messages and activity directly from the platform.

Case handling reporting dashboard
Local listings management for SEO
Automatic first response messaging
Case history CSV download
Case Resolution Benchmarking Dashboard

Case Resolution Benchmarking Dashboard

Review and analyse cases and measure resolution rate.

Customisable first response templates
Integration with existing CMS tools
Customer Vulnerability Detector
Skill set case routing
Customisable screens & management flows
Timebound agent response tracking
Scheduled reporting
Customised data dashboards