Top companies for customer service as revealed by Resolver users

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Top of the customer service pops! Our league table reveals the top companies for customer satisfaction following the resolution of a complaint

With feedback from almost 30,000 individual complaints, unique data from our free online complaint-resolution service reveals which companies sort out your problems most effectively. Our figures show which companies sort out their issues fastest, and which are best at turning complainers into happy customers.

  Resolver complaint satisfaction league - the best of the Resolvers*
1 Air Malta 8.24
2 Singapore Airlines 7.70
3 Icelandair 7.30
4 LV 7.29
5 Yorkshire Bank 7.18
6 Pizza Express 7.15
7 Germania 7.12
8 Lloyds Bank 7.11
9 Greggs 7.11
10 Monarch Charter 7.08
11 First Direct 7.06
12 Tesco Bank 7.00
13 Odeon 6.94
14 Experian 6.94
15 Monarch 6.90
16 Farmfoods 6.84
17 Flybe 6.81
18 Loganair 6.80
19 Next 6.79
20 Virgin Atlantic 6.76

*Table showing data from second half of November 2017

Unlike a regular customer satisfaction survey, which tends to focus on a specific business or industry, the Resolver data spans more than 28,000 companies and public services. This ranges from airlines to zoos, covering all key operators in the travel, retail, utility, telecoms and hospitality industries.

The data is drawn from feedback voluntarily provided by Resolver users at the point of case resolution. The scores are out of 10, with 10 being the best and zero the worst.

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